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The Busted ATV Resort is located only a half mile away from the Hatfield and McCoy Trail head. The Hatfield and McCoy trail system is one of the largest in the world, here you can find over 700+ miles of off-road trails for every skill level. Many of these trails also connect riders to some of West Virginia's ATV friendly towns where you can take a break and grab some food. The trails are open 365 days a year.

The Hatfield and McCoy trails have been recognized and praised by Dirt Wheels, ATV Illustrated, ATV Sport, Dirt Rider and ATV Magazine, as well as television features on programs such as Fishers ATV World, Dirt Trax TV and more.


All rider must have a valid permit before using the  Hatfield & McCoy trails.

Permits can be purchased Online.

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Trail Rules and Regulations

General Rules


  •     User Permits required.


  •     Everyone must wear a DOT or SNELL approved helmet and eye protection.


  •     All operators and passengers on an ATV, UTV, or motorcycle must follow manufacturers recommendations.


  •     All operators and passengers on an ATV, UTV, or motorcycle must meet manufacturers minimum age requirements.


  •     Obey all signs, gates, and barriers.


  •     Stay on marked trails.


  •     Adult supervision is required for those under age 16.


  •     Do not leave any trash or litter behind.


  •     No alcoholic beverages may be consumed or carried.


  •     Drive or ride at a speed reasonable for conditions.


  •     No firearms.


  •     No camping.


  •     No fires.


  •     Stay alert at all times, be aware of oncoming traffic.


  •     Trails only open during daylight hours.


ORV-Specific Rules


  •     ORVs are permitted on the Ivy Branch system only.


  •     Driver and passengers are required to wear helmets.


  •     Driver and passengers must have valid trail permits.


  •     A valid drivers license is required to operate an ORV.


  •     All passengers must be over 8 years of age, or 4í9î tall. No booster or car seats are allowed.


  •     Seat belts must be worn at all times. the number of passengers is limited to the number of factory installed seat belts.


  •     ORVs are required to have a roll cage on all most difficult (black and black/red) trails.


UTV-Specific Rules


    The driver and passengers of a UTV must:


  •     Wear seat belts at all times; the number of passengers is limited to the number of factory  installed seat belts.


  •     Keep their hands, arms, feet, head and legs inside the vehicle at all times during operation.


  •     Possess a valid owners manual for the machine being operated that is able to be produced upon request.


  •     Stay on designated trails. UTVs are permitted on easiest, more difficult, and select most difficult trails (signed accordingly).


  •     UTVs must be equipped with a steering wheel and roll-over protection system from the manufacturer. Low pressure tires required 20psi at manufacturers recommended inflation.


Riding your ATV on the roads.


  • According to the West Virginia State Police, ATV riding between ATV friendly towns like Bluewell to Bramwell is legal but ATV goers should be mindful of traffic and stay to the right shoulder
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